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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Torque Tools superior to any other torque tool that came before it. Torque tools that outlast and outperform the competition in any industry to challenge them. With more models, more inventory, more ingenuity, TorcUP is the only torque tool company who can show YOU what it really means to be DIFFERENT.
TorcUP made its name as a pioneer of unique and creative features and benefits that went Against the Grain…but isn’t that what being different is all about? Every TorcUP product design starts with a Clean Sheet. TorcUP has a laser-like focus on the best engineering practices and a dynamic ideology that tests every possibility. Safety is At The Heart of TorcUP’s product design. Users always want lighter and faster, but this can never be at the expense of safety and durability. TorcUP will test to destruction – so you never have to. TorcUP is always looking Forward With A Focus on the Bigger Picture.