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The Model 101 Liquid Level Controller was designed specifically for the oil and gas industry. Its design and low cost make it the choice of operators for reliable service in a variety of applications. These all purpose units are available with a variety of displacer materials, arm lengths, and pilot actions to suit all of your needs.


  • Non-bleed Pilot–The 101 Liquid Level Controllers can be fitted with either snap pilot for on/off service or a throttle pilot for proportional service. The controller can be quickly and easily converted to either.
  • I Field Reversible–The Model 101 design makes reversing the controller action simple and re quires no additonal parts or special tools.
  • Liquid Interface Control–The 101 Liquid Level Controllers are well-suited for liquid-liquid interface detection.
  • Displacers–M5 offers a variety of displacer materials and designs to satisfy your application requirements. Standard material offerings are PVC, Acrylic, and 316 Stainless Steel.


Body: Zinc plated steel

Case and Coveri aluminum

Pilots: Aluminum with SST Internals

Gauges: Bronze, 316 SST (optional), 316 SST LF (optional)

Threaded: 2” MNPT, 6,000 PSIG rated (414 bar)

Service: Horizontal or vertical (vertical hanger included standard)

Flouroelastomer Sealsi -20 to 400° F (-29 to 204°C)

Pilot: Snap (on/off service), 0-30 psig output or Throttle (proportional) 3-15 or 6-30 psig output

Shaft and Bearing Blocksi 316 SST

Displacers: PVC (5000# rated), Acrylic (5000# rated), 316 SST (2000# @ 180F)

Temperature Limitsi Fluoroelastomer/PVC -20 to 140 °, Flouroelastomer/Acrylic -20 to 200°, Flouroelastomer

Temperature Limitsi Flouroelastomer/PVC -20 to 140 degrees, Flouroelastomer/Acrylic -20to