If you are looking for a safe, reliable Quick Opening Closure, consider the proven Modco® Figure 500™. Modco provides an easy accessible, cost-efficient closure for various vessel and pipeline applications such as pig traps and filter separators. By providing an exceptional quality product made of domestic material and manufactured in the USA, Modco has become a front runner in the closure industry worldwide.

MODCO Figure 500 – Quick Opening Closure

(Available in sizes 2” to 48” for horizontal, vertical, angle installations or non hinged)


The Modco Figure 500 closure is a very simple design consisting of a cap, sub and hinge assembly. Closure cap opening and closing is very easy if proper procedures are followed. The Modco design utilizes a large ACME thread. All larger size closures 16” and above utilizes a thread pitch of 1 thread per inch. This coarse thread eliminates the fear of “cross-threading” and makes for a quick make up of only 3 or 4 revolutions. Due to the strong and simple design a threaded closure provides the lowest maintenance of all Quick Opening Closures. Over 30 years Modco Figure 500 closures have proven on tens of thousands of different units his reliability.